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Sing with Leo the truck and learn ABC for kids! Songs for babies and nursery rhymes LIVE! The ABCD song for baby and more nursery rhymes & kids' songs with Leo the Truck and his friends Lifty the Loader and Scoop the Excavator! Sing the nursery songs for kids with cars for kids! Learn the ABCD baby song, a numbers song 1-10 and other interesting kids' songs and nursery rhymes for babies. Our best best nursery rhymes for children are simple and easy-to-remember for babies. Let's learn the Alphabet song and sing with Leo the Truck! ABC song have fun teaching and learn the English alphabet for kids! This is a great way for kids to learn the English alphabet – by singing kids' songs and nursery rhymes! Leo the truck always tries to help us learn new things for children! Enjoy kid's videos and sing baby songs here on the First Toons channel! Learn your ABC's with the ABCD song for children. Sing along with songs for kids and learn the English alphabet!

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