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Discover our brand-new collection of nursery rhymes! Our videos are not just educational; they're a whole lot of fun too! Join Dave and Ava on this exciting learning journey with numbers, counting, ABCs, and more. Don't miss the chance to turn learning into a blast for your kids! Hit play on the video, and let the good times and learning roll!

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00:00 One Potato, Two Potatoes
02:40 The Wheels On The Bus Part 3
05:46 The Ice Cream Song
08:48 Jack Sprat
10:28 Ring Around The Rosie
12:44 Brother John
16:35 Looby Loo
18:38 Ding Dong Bell
21:43 Jack and Jill
24:07 Five Apples in the Apple Tree
25:49 Alice the Camel

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